Darren Westlake

Crowdfunding: The Alternative Investment Option

Crowdfunding is increasingly becoming the go-to channel for investment. As industry leaders, we will discuss the pros and cons of raising money in this burgeoning industry.

About Darren Westlake

Darren is the co-founder of Crowdcube. Crowdcube is the first investment crowdfunding website in the world to offer people equity and debt in exchange for their investment. Since launching in February 2011 Crowdcube has raised over £38m for over 140 UK Businesses and has over 90,000 registered investors.
Prior to Crowdcube Darren founded and exited two businesses in the field of Voice over IP. Based on his experiences and frustrations in raising money for companies Darren came up with the idea for Crowdcube and founded the company.

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