Darren Stanton

A former British police officer turned Human Lie Detector, Darren Stanton is now considered to be the World''s Leading Body Language and Deception Detection Expert.

Having assessed some of the world''s biggest names in showbiz and politics from political heavyweights Hilary Clinton, David Cameron, Donald Trump, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to his eclectic list of celebs which stretches from the likes of Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift to Katy Perry and Tom Hiddlestone to name just a few!

Darren can also be seen as a regular on ITV''s This Morning and BBC''s The One Show and has just finished taping Series 2 of Judge Rinder''s Crime Stories which will air in the summer.

Also a regular on the airwaves debating psychological topics, he can be heard on BBC Radio, LBC, talkSPORT, Gem 106FM and The George Lamb Show.

He has also written columns for Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines.

Would I Lie To You?

Former British Police Officer, turned Psychologist and Deception Detection expert, Darren Stanton, knows a thing or too about telling porkies. Believe it or not we can be told up to 200 white lies in an average day. In any ten minutes of conversation, the average person will tell at least 3 white lies and on average, 20% of your new recruits will have committed blatant CV fraud to gain that competitive edge over their peers. In this fascinating and entertaining talk, Darren will be demystifying the truth about lying and demonstrating the common signs and signals in which to look out for in order to minimise the risk of falling foul amongst the corporate fibsters.

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