Daniel Aprea

Multi-award winning Speaker & Entrepreneur Daniel Aprea is the author of Prospects Into Clients and Founder of Coachized.
Since starting his first coaching business over a decade ago, he has trained and inspired experts from all over the world (and in 3 different languages) to start their own business or take it to the next level.
He works with ambitious entrepreneurs to help them develop advanced decision-making and platform speaking skills, in order to leverage their time and ultimately make a larger impact and get the lifestyle they truly want.
He has shared the stage with many of the most renowned speakers and authorities in multiple fields and he''s currently working to train and create the next generation of highly influential entrepreneurs.
In his spare time you can find him playing chess, table-tennis or going on a retreat.

Platform Speaking: How To Grow Your Business With Public Speaking

How would you like to make a greater impact by sharing your message and expertise on multiple stages while growing your business?
If you''re a Consultant, Coach, Expert or Entrepreneur, the ability to close your offers from stage is your fast track to more speaking invitations, more revenue and ultimately more freedom.
Join us and learn to get more clients from your speaking engagements and finally live off your passion.


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