Clive Rich

Negotiating under pressure - don't lose your bearings, your temper or your shirt

We all come across common deal-making problems in our daily business and our lives, including breaking deadlocks, dealing with tough guys, dealing with deadlines and handling broken relationships. This seminar helps you to master the tools and techniques to make sure that you always have a choice and never get stuck again. Just imagine if you could get more of what you want, turn even impossible situations around and still keep people happy.

About Clive Rich

Clive Rich is an international professional negotiator. He has played a crucial role in negotiating and brokering more than £10bn worth of global deals for and with a broad spectrum of major organisations and super-brands, including Sony, Yahoo, Apple, Napster, BMG, San Disk, My Space, Simon Cowell’s Syco, Tesco, and the BBC. He has also provided negotiation coaching services to clients as diverse as Credit Suisse, the London College of Fashion and Cambridge Business School. He is the author of “The Yes Book, the Modern Art of Negotiation”, published by Random House. Clive has also designed and successfully launched a negotiation App called “Close My Deal”, enabling people to negotiate better when they are on the go. Also a Mediator, Arbitrator and a highly experienced entertainment and digital media lawyer and biz-dev Exec, Clive has previously successfully run digital businesses for the likes of Sony and Bertelsmann. In addition, based on his commercial and legal background, he runs an online legal service called “LawBite”, which provides simple law for small companies, enabling them to find, edit and share plain English contracts with no legal jargon, at a price they can afford.

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