Christine Telyan

Christine Telyan is the co-founder and co-CEO of UENI Ltd., which she founded with her husband Anh Pham Vu in 2015. UENI provides easy to use, low cost websites and online marketing solutions to small businesses across Europe. UENI is also working on building a local search solution, where consumers will be able to search, compare, and book a wide range of local business services. Christine previously managed business development for a multinational company, where she established billion-dollar trading partnerships. She is a graduate of Harvard College, London School of Economics and Harvard Business School.

Local to vocal – How to get more leads for your business?

It seems like a no-brainer in the digital age, but surprisingly, a lot of local businesses are still not using digital channels effectively. Christine Telyan, the founder of technology company UENI – that provides low cost, minimal effort, and easy to use marketing solutions to local businesses, will provide tips and education to local businesses on optimizing their digital presence and executing an effective digital marketing plan.

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