Chris Robinson

Chris will be sharing with you his analogies from his 23 years of experience in the British Army and offer his own take on dealing with decision making and extreme adversity in the workplace. Chris Robinson, having fought on the front line in Iraq & Afghanistan, as well as serving time in war zone countries including Sierra Leone and Somalia, not only had to keep himself alive but also had to ensure the survival of his fellow soldiers in the Yorkshire Regiment. Having to make survival decisions and judgment calls whilst being under enemy attack in extreme situations has taught Chris unique leadership skills

Leaders eat last

How do we learn what values are important?... how do we arrive at these values?... and how to implement them in to a successful team to help win the battle of a growing business. Chris tells it how it is with honesty and compassion. His unique view of what it takes to become a leader is not only educational but inspiring at the same time.

Chris Robinson will be speaking in the following theatres:

KeyNote Theatre 1 - Thursday 15.30 - 16.00: Leaders eat last


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