Candy Freitas & John Moreira

Candy Freitas is a self-taught Producer and Executive with a talent to turn ideas with sellable products. John Moreira is a self-taught Developer and award-winning Designer. Together they are both co-founders of DIMMERSIONS, a startup creating VR/AR/XR experiences and products and LIM9, an International Creative Digital Agency founded in 2011. Currently working from the beautiful island of Madeira, they have been in the Marketing / Advertising and Software Development industry for the last 12 years and believe in preparing businesses for the upcoming “multiverse” future where customers may choose to interact with a Digital Universe powered by AR/VR instead of our physical reality. The Future, Today.

How Augmented and Virtual Reality can transform your business

In this seminar we’ll show you how you can use AR/VR/XR to immerse your customers, increase your brand awareness and your profits no matter what industry you work on or what business you own.