Brad Burton

No one does it quite like Brad. A unique approach to life, business and motivation. He fires up people from ALL walks of life. Humorous, thought provoking and energetic, presenting in jeans, t shirts and trainers. He stands out. Getting booked by companies like JCB, Bentley and of course the Business Show for being himself. People talk about him, which in a congested marketplace is a great thing.

BIG companies take him seriously. Yet he's not just a motivational speaker. He's the UK's #1 motivational business speaker and the highest rated and reviewed business author on Amazon.
Brad founded 4Networking, the largest joined up business network, running over 5000 business networking meetings each year. Impressive.
His next mission is to change the world of business & personal development. When Brad says, he's going to do something he does it. Be part of that and join the movement today.

Now What?

Through a series of stories, advice and thought provoking lessons, the UK's no 1 motivational business speaker Brad Burton will help you suss out your next steps in both life and in business.

So will you manage to grab a seat at the hottest seminar of the show? Like everything in life, the decision is yours. See you there?

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