Ben Waters

Isn’t it frustrating, when you fork out a huge amount of money to a marketing company, and then get….
Nothing. Tumbleweed. No reports, no leads, and worst of all… no sales. The thing is, a lot of the time,
it’s not the marketing company’s fault that it didn’t work. Sometimes it is… but mostly, they’re just doing
what they’re told. They’re following instructions, and they have no idea whether it’d work or not either.
Well, my mission in life is to help as many business owners as possible, get clued up in marketing, so
that when you ask for things to be done – you ask for the right things. You make sure that every penny
you spend is accountable, and you make sure you’re making a profit. I’ve been helping people do that
for years, and I want to help you. Come to my talk to find out more.

Discover how to attract the clients you ACTUALLY want, fast.

Grow your business quickly and easily. Bet you’ve heard that a few times, right? There’s a lot of empty
promises out there, and I can’t give you everything in just a short talk, but I can show you where to start,
so that your marketing works better, easier, faster. I can show you the steps to attracting the clients you
REALLY want, and more importantly – keep them coming back for more.