Bankim Chandra & Paul Thomas

CEO of well established IT implementers and enablers based in the UK with offices in USA, Australia and India based Development Centres. Bankim founded Dotsquares in 2002 following a career that started as a developer, through systems analysis to project management for some of the foremost financial institutions in the UK and USA, including Santander, RBS and American Express. His vision with Dotsquares was to provide experienced development resources for medium and smaller organisations at affordable prices – to open up the internet for them too! As the organisation has grown, so has the size and calibre of their clients – which now includes, government departments, corporates and an increasing number of golbal digital agencies. DotSquares now boasts a strong technical team of over 650 employees on four continents, providing development and support for a worldwide client base. Paul Thomas has worked for Accenture & Logica amongst others and brings a solid background in communications and project management.

How Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality can be used for smaller businesses

Demonstrating how VR/AR can be used to impress customers and aid engagement and retention. From simple VR animations when an app recognises a symbol or sign (great for business cards) to AR games to promote a business brand. We will be demonstrating that these newer technologies might not cost as much as you think and can create a great first impression.

Bankim Chandra & Paul Thomas will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 13 - Wednesday 12.30 - 13.00: How Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality can be used for smaller businesses


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