Arvind Sharma

rvind has more than 15 years of experience as a management consultant and an outsourcing expert. He was amongst early movers in offshore outsourcing industry and helped several SME businesses based across UK and US to benefit from outsourcing. As an outsourcing advisor and entrepreneur, he successfully transitioned and delivered projects worth more than $15m for SMEs across multiple industries.

As a management consultant, Arvind focuses on exit strategy & team visioning for SMEs. He has been very effectively leveraging his knowledge with outsourcing to help businesses shape winning strategies that help them create better value during an exit.

Outsourcing as a growth strategy for SMEs – Getting it right

Outsourcing is not merely a business decision to save costs. If done right, it is a strategy that can bring great rewards as a growth strategy. We call it ‘Right-sourcing’.

This seminar will highlight the opportunities and challenges with outsourcing, explore on what to outsource and what to insource, how to ensure confidentiality, how to best negotiate when dealing offshore and making formidable alliances with your vendors for best results.