Arvind Sharma

Arvind has more than 16 years of experience as a strategic and management consultant. Before moving onto Business exit strategy consulting, he was amongst involved in the offshore outsourcing industry and helped several SME businesses based across UK and US to benefit from outsourcing. On the exit strategy services, Arvind likes to work closely with business owners as a confidante, fellow journeyman and as an enabler to make things happen.
As a management consultant, Arvind focuses on exit strategy & team visioning for SMEs. He has been very effectively leveraging his knowledge with outsourcing to help businesses shape winning strategies that help them create better value during an exit.

Having a solid exit strategy – What does it involve?

Studies show that a significant percentage of SMEs don’t have a succession or exit plan. Similarly, a sizeable number of businesses are run by those who want to retire but fail to sell their business.
In this seminar we will discuss the reasons and explore the importance of having an end goal in mind, what a solid exit strategy involves and steps you must take to achieve a satisfactory exit.