Annica Törneryd

Annica Törneryd is a former kickboxing champion and award-winning Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She helps her clients exceed all expectations. Annica’s received multiple nominations of leadership awards from The John Maxwell Team and has spoken on stage with leadership expert John Maxwell.

She’s served individual clients from over 50 countries and has been hired by corporations like Amazon, Volvo, RBC, Vodafone, and the United States Embassy.

Annica is a Global Ambassador representing Luxembourg for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization and mentors several programs including the Young Enterprise Project, Dress for Success, and the Global Youth Initiative. She’s the author of two best-selling books, The Youth Book and The Last Single Mom.

Annica’s been featured in Tiny Buddha, Success Stories, Driva Eget and is a regular contributor at the leadership blog, the Leading Edge.

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From zero to 20K in one month

In 2014, Annica left a secure employment to start her coaching business. As a single mom of three, alone in a foreign country, with no family or financial support, and no prior experience of running a business, she made all the mistakes in the book. Determined to make it work, she eventually cracked the code and celebrated her first 20K month. She’ll share exactly HOW she did it!


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