Angel Versetti

Angel Versetti is a CEO of Ambrosus. Angel previously worked at the United Nations, World Resources Forum, Bloomberg and was trained at Google. He was the youngest project leader and lead published author at the UN. Through his partnership Versetti & Co he led investments in startups, social projects and early cryptocurrencies. Admitted to Cambridge, life brought him to Sciences Po Paris, where he obtained a BA in History, Politics and Philosophy and an MA in Public Management (Excellence Scholarship). Certified skills in Diplomacy, Negotiations and Business. Angel is a recognized expert and frequent speaker on innovation, technology and economic development having spoken at over 100 premier events, including Davos, Vatican, UNESCO, COP21. Mr. Versetti lectured on Blockchain and IoT at ETH Zurich and Imperial college London.

The Future of supply chain with blockchain

Food and Medicine supply chains need next generation solutions in order to be digitally traced and their quality verified. This seminar aims to raise awareness about the implementation of blockchain, sensor technology, smart contracts and decentralized applications in supply chain management for food and pharmaceuticals , as well as to deliver an interesting and relevant talk about our cutting edge blockchain technologies and specific use cases in market.


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