Andy Smith

Andy Smith is a founder of Corpdata, a well known provider of UK B2B business lists for over 25 years. As Managing Director, Andy has not only helped develop Corpdata’s reputation as the provider of accurate, detailed and safe to use business lists but under his stewardship Corpdata is now a very rare thing. It is one of the very few business list providers who have successfully embraced GDPR to allow clients to benefit from legally safe lists. Andy’s expertise extends to not simply to GDPR and its impact on direct sales and marketing, but during the last year and a half Andy has been advising on any and every aspect that GDPR poses to client companies. In fact Andy now heads up Dept679, Corpdata’s GDPR consulting division and provides practicable business oriented help and advice to help senior managers and those they manage minimise and risk that GDPR poses.

Data under GDPR – How to use it safely

You may consider the risks of direct marketing to be too significant and so curtail some of your new business generating activity. Andy will outline what you must do to ensure that you can still effectively use direct marketing. GDPR poses challenges to direct selling and marketing and Andy will cover practical aspects to help you ensure your DM is not only effective but poses minimal risk to your organisation.