Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton, serial entrepreneur and barrister at Erskine Chambers, has an unrivaled track record in the Lawtech industry. After the founding and sale of CPDCast and investment and NED role in SwiftKey, Andrew subsequently founded FromCounsel, the corporate law knowledge resource trusted by the leading City law firms, including all the Magic Circle.

Passionate in the belief that, armed with the right tools and resources, you’ll produce legal documents and contracts as well as a qualified lawyer, Andrew sought to revolutionise the way businesses access legal support with Sparqa Legal - the online platform providing businesses with reliable answers written by expert lawyers and auto-generated, intelligent contracts you can trust. (

A champion of the legal system, Andrew’s mission is to make law accessible and empower businesses.

Why every business needs a digital lawyer

The average business faces eight legal issues a year and 90% think traditional law firms don’t provide a cost-effective solution. Many of the UK’s five million businesses spend thousands each year on legal fees, often for routine advice. Business managers are increasingly ‘Googleing’ legal answers, an unreliable and risky strategy.

Andrew Thornton, serial entrepreneur and barrister, explains how using Lawtech is the smart way to solve your business’ legal needs.


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