Allana Farquhar

Trade shows are not everyone’s cup of tea, but this girl cannot seem to get enough of them! Allana Farquhar is an entrepreneur with over ten years of marketing and sales experience. Her mission is to enhance businesses by working closely with them to create stronger messages, generate a better return of investment and provide a more cost-effective approach to trade show stands than ever before. Since a young age Allana has been a confident public speaker and effective communicator within her various roles, now she is running her own business to reach more people by doing what she loves & ultimately what she does best … talking to people! Through the Brand Champion, she is empowering businesses to shout about themselves whilst reinforcing the true value of exhibiting.

How to make stronger connections with your ideal clients

Online platforms allow you to sell your products & services to bigger audiences then ever before, they are relatively inexpensive and with clever copy they can be highly effective. However, they should always be a means to an end, your goal should be getting in front of your clients and creating a strong connection! This is how to turn your online following into real life relationships and grow your business.