Alex Burrows

Working with Drupal since early 2008 and having over 16 years’ experience he has contributed and been deeply involved in the Drupal community. He is very passionate about Drupal, and as the phrase goes "Came for the code, stayed for the community".
As co-founder with Matthias Sparshot – he has created a modern out of the box digital agency.
He has worked and built digital solutions for:
Toyota, WorldPay, IHG, Pfizer, BBC, Viacom, Scouts Association, Deloitte, ASKItalian, TES Global, PwC, Coty Inc, a UK Police Force.
As well as this he has also written "Drupal 8 Blueprints" for Packt Publishing.

Why choosing a future-proof CMS is critical for your business

You need a website that can grow as your company does. Choosing the right CMS framework is no longer about having a website. It''s about implementing a tool that can grow through team collaboration to deliver on the business goals, whether that''s an online shop, mobile app or react website. We will focus on Drupal and show how easy it is to manage your site.

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