Adrian Sota, Zaynab Zubair

Adrian is an experienced IT consultant with a track record of assembling and leading teams to develop business and IT solutions that deliver transformation programmes and projects for small to medium corporations. Adrian is a practitioner of Microsoft products and a Strategic Microsoft partner who strives to out innovate, out pace and out deliver.

Zaynab is a Change Management consultant specialising in large and medium enterprise IT, strategic and cultural change programmes. She creates the environment for a digital workplace to foster collaboration, innovation, cost-savings and productivity.

You Can Afford To Think BIG: Giving You The Edge

In an increasingly competitive economy small to medium enterprises are finding ways to compete against the corporate giants.
We discuss how to make your business more secure, collaborative and cost effective without the infrastructure overheads. What to consider when taking the plunge to transform your IT and set your business up for success against the corporate players. How to identify which solutions may be best for you – a practical overview


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