Adam Awan

Early in his career Adam Awan founded a tech startup, contracted for Google, was a managing consultant for Colnaghi, the world’s oldest art gallery, was CTO for a medical startup, and built monitoring systems for a top statistical arbitrage firm.
But spending 8 hours at a computer every day came at a cost: back, neck, sleep, digestive & sinus problems, inflammation, allergies, frequent colds, brain-fog, stress & anxiety.
After Western medicine failed, Adam turned to the alternatives and pursued extensive studies in neuroscience, psychology, nutrition & allopathic medicine.
He trained extensively with Himalayan Masters of yoga and mysticism and delivers these profound teachings to the mainstream in a modern, accessible and digestible form.
Adam’s background in Computer Science (BSc King’s College London University) helped him develop proprietary brain training protocols and an integrative program of neurofeedback, ancient practices, nutrition, supplements, biohacking and psychology to upgrade your brain so you can Live Life Alive®

Super-Charge Your Brain With Modern Science & Ancient Practice

Learn how neuroscience, practical techniques used by Tesla, Einstein and Da Vinci, and ancient practices from the Himalayas can help you upgrade your brain and Live Life Alive®.

In this highly interactive and exciting seminar, A1 Vital Clinical Director Adam Awan will teach you how to master your mind and have boundless energy, laser focus, and become ultra-productive.

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