CoachKemi’s past - being buried alive without a clue of how to save herself then found out after near suicide and almost killing someone that she was her own problem.
Known as the ‘Blast Fear Away!’ Thought Transformation Coaching Consultant, she is Founder of How2Think Global Consulting Empire that focuses on THINKING (not Mindset). Helping Corporates, Businesses & Young People identify inhibiting and limiting thoughts that cause mediocre results and guides to Purposeful, Powerful and Sustainable Thinking that result in EXTRA-ordinary outcomes.
She believes ‘thinking’ is highly under-rated.
Author of – ‘Thought Transformation – available on Amazon; an inspirational Speaker to Women’s groups, Conferences, Young People and facilitates Seminars.
She has co-authored a book and featured others.

She helps you identify YOU are your problem and YOU have the power to ‘save’ yourself, achieve the results you desire and accept that your THOUGHTS can serve or imprison you.

The 5 Global Challenges & How To THINK Solution

The 5 Global Challenges that CEOs globally agree are: Human Capital, Innovation, Customer Relationships, Operational Excellence and Sustainability.
Challenges exist because there are Solutions.
The ability of the CEO and the work force to THINK through to a solution will determine whether any of these 5 challenges ‘bury you or make you stand out.’
You will learn the steps to THINKING ‘win’ in your business every time.

CoachKemi will be speaking in the following theatres:

Digital Marketing Theatre - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: The 5 Global Challenges & How To THINK Solution

SME Theatre 15 - Friday 15.30 - 16.00: The 5 Global Challenges & How To THINK Solution


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