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  • KEYNOTE: Brad Burton

    Life. Business. Just Got Easier.

    The UK's #1 Motivational Biz Speaker is back.

  • KEYNOTE: Richard Reed & Lily Rice

    How To Go From Start To Up

    Helping early-stage entrepreneurs get funding, get a mentor and get ahead

  • KEYNOTE: Julianne Ponan

    Launch YOUR small business into the 'Big 4'

    'Failure doesn't come from falling down. Failure comes from not getting up'!

  • KEYNOTE: Eric Ho

    Rising Through The Recession

    Eric will also be sharing his secrets to success and how you can set up your Businesses so that they are...

  • KEYNOTE: Jonathan Pfahl

    How to Triple your Sales in 3 Months

    The key steps any business can follow to dramatically increase the lead flow and sales of your product and service.

  • Ian Christelow

    The 3 Keys to Earning £100k a Year

    Ian Christelow, reveals the three core drivers of personal and business success.

  • Patrick Herrlinger

    Getting it right from the start: Setting up your business properly

    Setting up a new company is exciting and all-involving, but what is it that entrepreneurs often miss in the early stages...

  • Kit Chong

    Expand Your Business Through Global Marketplaces

    How to overcome common international trade fears

  • Sumit Agarwal

    Seven Powerful Tax-Saving Tips for Business Owners

    The legal structure of the business, understanding the benefits and allowances to which you are entitled, are paramount to reducing your...

  • Edin Basic


    Firezza is market leader in London''s gourmet pizza delivery

  • Lee Thompson

    The Lean Thinking Entrepreneur

    Smash through the start-up barriers with a new approach to online retailing. Top tips for getting started in e-Commerce.

  • Michael Bridgman

    New Finance is about to change the world for SMEs

    Alternative finance to mobile payments and international money transfers, the way we interact with money is changing dramatically.

  • Barry Plumley

    Get Paid on Time: Invoicing Best Practices

    Invoicing can be especially tedious and difficult to manage with your limited time and resources. In this seminar, we’ll outline...

  • Catherine Gannon

    Organising your business for expansion – How to maximise your equity

    Catherine will take you through the issues to consider when operating with shareholders and investors to ensure control is in the...

  • Alex Kleanthous

    How to Settle a Claim and How Not to

    Settling disputes is part and parcel of the commercial director or manager’s job. But not all disputes have escalated to...

  • Nicholas Nicolaou

    Getting A Business Loan Without The Bank

    Ways to access loans when a weaker credit rating is holding you back

  • Gladness Ojo

    The Start up Business Seminar: Route to Success

    The seminar will be addressing the key essential necessities for a successful start up business with focus on tackling the key...

  • Kevin Jackson

    Becoming a consultant

    Are you at a crossroads of your career, like the idea of running your own business, having the flexibility and work/life...

  • Simon Coulson

    How to double your business in 6 months.

    Learn how to leverage Google and Social Media to get floods of customers

  • Chris Bryce

    Working as an independent professional – the inside track

    Are you an independent professional or considering becoming self-employed? This session draws on IPSE’s extensive research to bring you exclusive intelligence...

  • Paris Petgrave

    Build A Lean And Effective Workforce!

    Growing your business or building an efficient and cost effective workforce

  • Cat Totty

    Refreshing your brand to grow your business

    Your brand is essential for company growth. So what happens when your brand needs a refresh to refocus the company mission?...

  • Sunny Thakkar & Zee Abbas

    Strategies for increasing sales, client retention and growing your business.

    You will hear strategies for growing your business, increase sales and retain clients so they never leave you. Everything you will...

  • James Nicholson

    How to rank your site on Google in 2015 and beyond

    In this seminar, James Nicholson will discuss the latest ways of ranking your website in 2015. Tactics from years gone by...

  • Nancy Foster & Hazel Wilcock

    How to become a Social Dynamo

    Helping attendees to identify their current social media persona and how that might be helping or hindering their business. We will...

  • Mike Sofianos

    Practical advice on what to do and what not to do when starting a business.

    This seminar will outline the “best practice” administration for a start-up business; following the journey of initial setup, first year trading...

  • Stuart Maitland

    From Zero to Top UK Entrepreneur In 3 Years.

    I will be speaking about my story and how I have achieved so much at such a young age, my thoughts...

  • Joseph Mangu

    How to Make Digital Marketing Profitable for a Start Up

    Exploring the different opportunities digital marketing presents for a Start Up Business, from the initial website build, to advertising disciplines such...

  • Natalia Nicholson

    Achieve Your Goals & Stop Procrastination - Have Your Best Year Ever!

    Isn't it time you finally took action to achieve your life or business goals? This could be the seminar to help...

  • Karen Fisher & Louise Francis

    Let’s Talk: Setting Up Your Own Business Successfully

    What do you get when you cross a lawyer with an accountant? This ‘double header’ seminar is hosted by a lawyer...

  • Stefan Thomas

    Business Networking for Dummies

    Ever wondered how to really make networking work for you? From desperation in Stefan HAD to make networking work and, in...

  • Terry Cooper

    Forty Years of Sales, Forty years of Tales

    This energetic seminar will help you to understand the sales process better and encourage you to sell more. Terry will share...

  • Ben Posener & Louise Francis

    Let’s Talk: Running Your Own Business Successfully

    What do you get when you cross a lawyer with an accountant? This ‘double header’ seminar is hosted by a lawyer...

  • Tony Vieira & Nik Fisher

    Let’s Talk: Growing Your Own Business Successfully

    What do you get when you cross a lawyer with an accountant? This ‘double header’ seminar is hosted by a lawyer...

  • Hilary Steel

    From Start Up To Success

    Help build a longer term sustainable business starting with the resources you already have

  • Debbie Huxton

    The Ultimate Guide To Getting What You Want

    Inspiration to make those belief changes and enjoy the success you deserve

  • Vicki Wusche

    Build A Better Business: Break Your Reliance On Your Monthly Wage

    Three easy steps to build a profitable business that makes life a pleasure not a chore

  • Amandeep Thind

    Create a Laser Focus for your Business

    Discover blocks that stops your business growth.

  • Jane Ollis

    Adventures In Accounting: The Thrills! The Spills! The Safety Net!

    Exploration of the pit-traps and treacherous terrain facing small business start-ups

  • Andrew van der Lem

    Start-Up to Growth - Business Finance Options for Smaller and Growing Companies

  • Andrew Constable

    Microsoft Lumia, the most business ready device out of the box

  • James O`Neill

    Vodafone One Net - Better Ways of Working Through Unified Communications

  • Julian Hall

    Going From Entrepreneur To Ultrapreneur - How To Unlimit Your Potential

    Find out how to truly Unlimit your Potential at the UltraAcademy.

  • Kate Barrett

    Effectively Harness The Power Of Email To Increase Your Sales

    3 actionable tips and techniques you can implement immediately, to increase engagement.

  • Matt Perkins

    The Secret To Growth - Figures Are Your friends!

    Transform the way you do business and gain the power to grow!

  • Jez Booker

    Top Tips For Effective Search Engine Marketing In 2015

    Key elements of the modern search engine marketing process, with an explanation of why each element is important

  • Paul Hughes

    Your Responsibilities in Running a Limited Company

    How to register a Limited company and your responsibilities as a company officer under the Companies Act 2008

  • Christopher Smith

    Every Business Owns Intellectual property. What Do You Own?

    How best to protect your business from potential infringers

  • Dwain Reid

    Get The Most Out Of Networking At The Show And Beyond

    `Your network is your net worth` but how do you build a powerful network if you are too shy to network?...