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  • KEYNOTE: Julien Callede

    Self made millionaire and Co-founder of

    Thinking outside of the box - make your business unique

  • KEYNOTE: Piers Linney

    Star of Dragon's Den and Technology Entrepreneur

    Innovation and the Power of Cloud

  • KEYNOTE: Charlie Mullins, OBE

    Pimlico Plumbers Founder, Awarded OBE in 2015

    Why Apprenticeship Policy is good for the Economy

  • KEYNOTE: Brad Burton

    UK's Number 1 Motivational Speaker

    That'll Never Work!

  • KEYNOTE: Julianne Ponan

    Award Winning Young Entrepreneur

    Launch YOUR small business into the 'Big 4'

  • KEYNOTE: Bill Morrow

    Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Angels Den

    How to ensure you NEVER get funded

  • KEYNOTE: Warren Cass

    Founder of Business Scene.

    Increase Your Influence in a Relationship Economy

  • KEYNOTE: Kate Hardcastle

    Award Winning Business Woman & TV Personality

    Give Your Business #OOMPH

  • Julian Hall

    Going From Entrepreneur To Ultrapreneur - How To Unlimit Your Potential

    Find out how to truly Unlimit your Potential at the UltraAcademy.

  • Kate Barrett

    Effectively Harness The Power Of Email To Increase Your Sales

    3 actionable tips and techniques you can implement immediately, to increase engagement.

  • Matt Perkins

    The Secret To Growth - Figures Are Your friends!

    Transform the way you do business and gain the power to grow!

  • Jez Booker

    Top Tips For Effective Search Engine Marketing In 2015

    Key elements of the modern search engine marketing process, with an explanation of why each element is important

  • Paul Hughes

    Your Responsibilities in Running a Limited Company

    How to register a Limited company and your responsibilities as a company officer under the Companies Act 2008

  • Christopher Smith

    Every Business Owns Intellectual property. What Do You Own?

    How best to protect your business from potential infringers

  • Dwain Reid

    Get The Most Out Of Networking At The Show And Beyond

    `Your network is your net worth` but how do you build a powerful network if you are too shy to network?...

  • Darren Fell

    How To Be A Successful Freelancer

    As the self-employed sector booms, more and more people are choosing to ditch the 9-5 and go it alone. `How To...

  • Ann Fisher

    Is Network Marketing A Valid Business Strategy?

    This seminar defines network marketing, examines its credibility, and its viability as part of an overall business and financial strategy.

  • Simon Coulson

    How to double your business in 6 months.

    Simon will explain Internet Marketing strategies you can use to massively grow your business. Learn how to leverage Google and Social...

  • Svietlana Lavrentidi

    Build It and They Will Come

    During this presentation Svietlana will share her story of going from a nervous breakdown and living in fear, to creating the...

  • Daniel Eisenhut

    `Domain not available` - The end of my business?

    The perfect name for your business is already taken? Take a deep breath and lean back, it is not over yet....

  • Carrie Eddins

    Investing In Your ROC = Return On Connection™

    Come away with easy-to-use ideas to increase sales and growth in your business through improved connection (or ROC). Whilst ROI is...

  • Dr Itai Ivtzan

    Soft Is Hard: Building Resilience With Mindfulness Meditation At Work

    Stress remains a common factor in modern work life, and resilience building strategies have been shown to support and enhance natural...

  • Kevin Jackson

    Becoming A Consultant

    Are you at a crossroads of your career, like the idea of running your own business, having the flexibility and work/life...

  • Gavin Ingham

    Tough Sales - How To Make More Sales In Any Economy.

    The world changed. Business today is more challenging. Good enough is not good enough anymore and many sales and business people...

  • Rytis Vitkauskas

    Leveraging Data To Drive Growth

    It`s never too early to start analysing your user data. Rytis Vitkauskas, CEO and Co-Founder of YPlan, explains how analysing customer...