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  • KEYNOTE: Julien Callede

    Self made millionaire and Co-founder of

    Thinking outside of the box - make your business unique

  • KEYNOTE: Piers Linney

    Former Dragon and Technology Entrepreneur

    Innovation and the Power of Cloud

  • KEYNOTE: Charlie Mullins, OBE

    Pimlico Plumbers Founder, Awarded OBE in 2015

    Why Apprenticeship Policy is good for the Economy

  • KEYNOTE: Brad Burton

    UK's Number 1 Motivational Speaker

    That'll Never Work!

  • KEYNOTE: Julianne Ponan

    Award Winning Young Entrepreneur

    Launch YOUR small business into the `Big 4`

  • KEYNOTE: Charlie Bigham

    Founder of Bighams - The Posh Ready Meal Company

    Getting Your Food Product into the Major Supermarkets

  • KEYNOTE: Jim Cregan

    From a Bedsit to £1.4 million in 2 Years

    Keep Your Chin Up and Other Tales

  • KEYNOTE- Daniel Murray

    Shell LiveWIRE UK Young Entrepreneur of theYear

    How to raise £1 million+ for your startup with no prior experience

  • KEYNOTE: Rytis Vitkauskas

    CEO and Founder of YPlan and Mobile Entrepreneur

    Leveraging data to drive growth

  • KEYNOTE: Ria Meera Munshi

    Multi-Award Winning & World Record Breaker

    `Time management is the key to life and success`

  • KEYNOTE: Alastair Cameron

    Recognised in Sunday Times Maserati 100

    Priceless advice on bootstrapping your Startup

  • KEYNOTE: Rachelle Headland

    Managing Director of Saatchi & Saatchi X

    Marketing for Start-Ups

  • KEYNOTE: Mark Ormrod

    Inspiring Motivational Speaker and Award-Winning Author

    Overcoming Adversity

  • KEYNOTE: Kate Hardcastle

    Award Winning Business Woman & Inspiring Leader

    Give Your Business #OOMPH

  • KEYNOTE: Tracey Monaghan

    Facebook SME Growth Consultant

    Grow your business with Facebook

  • KEYNOTE: Dan Spicer

    Head of Community at Hootsuite

    Unlocking The Power Of Social

  • KEYNOTE: Mr Alex Hoye

    Angel Investor and Internet Entrepreneur

    Consumers are Re-inventing Retail

  • KEYNOTE: Neil Clough

    BBC Apprentice Finalist 2013

    Sales and Motivation with Neil Clough

  • KEYNOTE: Nick Brown

    Radio 2 Business Expert on The Jeremy Vine Show

    Building a business and selling for a 7 figure sum

  • KEYNOTE: Warren Cass

    Founder of Business Scene.

    Increase Your Influence in a Relationship Economy

  • KEYNOTE: Shweta Jhajharia

    Multi-Award Winning Business Coach

    Building the Ultimate Sales and Marketing Machine

  • KEYNOTE: Bill Morrow

    Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Angels Den

    How to ensure you NEVER get funded

  • KEYNOTE: Warren Knight

    Inspirational Technology, Sales and Marketing Expert

    How Technology Has Disrupted Sales & Marketing

  • KEYNOTE: Grant Leboff

    CEO of Sticky Marketing Club & Best-Selling Author

    How To Win Customers In A Digital Age

  • KEYNOTE: Jonathan Pfahl

    Founder of Rockstar and Mentoring Expert

    How to Triple your Sales in 3 Months

  • Dwain Reid

    Get The Most Out Of Networking At The Show And Beyond

    `Your network is your net worth` but how do you build a powerful network if you are too shy to network?...

  • Vistaprint: Start-up stories

    Start-up stories: inspiration from small business owners

    Vistaprint will be hosting interviews, followed by question and answer sessions, with a number of small business owners - real people...

  • Julian Hall

    Going From Entrepreneur To Ultrapreneur - How To Unlimit Your Potential

    Find out how to truly Unlimit your Potential at the UltraAcademy.

  • Kate Barrett

    Effectively Harness The Power Of Email To Increase Your Sales

    3 actionable tips and techniques you can implement immediately, to increase engagement.

  • Matt Perkins

    The Secret To Growth - Figures Are Your friends!

    Transform the way you do business and gain the power to grow!

  • Jez Booker

    Top Tips For Effective Search Engine Marketing In 2015

    Key elements of the modern search engine marketing process, with an explanation of why each element is important

  • Paul Hughes

    Your Responsibilities in Running a Limited Company

    How to register a Limited company and your responsibilities as a company officer under the Companies Act 2008

  • Christopher Smith

    Every Business Owns Intellectual property. What Do You Own?

    How best to protect your business from potential infringers

  • Darren Fell

    How To Be A Successful Freelancer

    As the self-employed sector booms, more and more people are choosing to ditch the 9-5 and go it alone. `How To...

  • Ann Fisher

    Is Network Marketing A Valid Business Strategy?

    This seminar defines network marketing, examines its credibility, and its viability as part of an overall business and financial strategy.

  • Simon Coulson

    How to double your business in 6 months.

    Simon will explain Internet Marketing strategies you can use to massively grow your business. Learn how to leverage Google and Social...

  • Svietlana Lavrentidi

    Build It and They Will Come

    During this presentation Svietlana will share her story of going from a nervous breakdown and living in fear, to creating the...

  • Daniel Eisenhut

    `Domain not available` - The end of my business?

    The perfect name for your business is already taken? Take a deep breath and lean back, it is not over yet....

  • Carrie Eddins

    Investing In Your ROC = Return On Connection™

    Come away with easy-to-use ideas to increase sales and growth in your business through improved connection (or ROC). Whilst ROI is...

  • Dr Itai Ivtzan

    Soft Is Hard: Building Resilience With Mindfulness Meditation At Work

    Stress remains a common factor in modern work life, and resilience building strategies have been shown to support and enhance natural...

  • Kevin Jackson

    Becoming A Consultant

    Are you at a crossroads of your career, like the idea of running your own business, having the flexibility and work/life...

  • Gavin Ingham

    Tough Sales - How To Make More Sales In Any Economy.

    The world changed. Business today is more challenging. Good enough is not good enough anymore and many sales and business people...

  • Ariana Kumar

    An Introduction To The Registration And Enforcement Of Trade Marks

    This seminar will cover the important issues to be considered by new businesses regarding the protection and enforcement of their valuable...

  • Keith Miller ACIB

    Getting A Loan - Without The Bank

    A review of alternative sources of finance to support business growth and start up`s. Will also provide an overview of what...

  • Nirav Shah

    How To Trade The Financial Markets Successfully

    Nirav will talk about how to trade the foreign exchange markets using the Platinum Trading System to become financially free, from...