Russian-British Business Forum

This year, the 5th Russian-British Business Forum (RBBF-2019), which is a major Russian
business event in the United Kingdom, will celebrate its five-year milestone, bringing
together more than 1,000 British and Russian business leaders and state officials. The
theme of RBBF-2019 will be ‘Digital infrastructure and industry’.
The organisers of RBBF-2019, which has traditionally taken place as part of the Russian
events week entitled Eastern Seasons, are the Trade Delegation of the Russian
Federation in the United Kingdom and the Roscongress Foundation. The Forum is held
under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and
supported by the Embassy of the Russian Federation and more than 30 Russian and
international organizations. Over the past five years, the forum has become a major
platform which Russian officials, businesses, public organisations and development
institutions have used to collaborate with British and international agencies.
The programme for the forum on 27 November will include a series of panel
sessions, reports presented by international experts, round-table discussions, European
previews of new Russian technology and an investment lunch with financial
organisations. As part of the forum, an exhibition will be held which is dedicated to
developing prospects for cooperation with Russian regions and companies. On 26
November, participants will visit offices of international companies in London and enjoy
an official welcome at the Trade Delegation.
The theme of RBBF-2019 is timely, given the search for new business
opportunities between the two countries, primarily in the innovation sector. Much
attention will be dedicated to digital development across various Russian and UK
industries, such as the financial sector, state services, industry, agriculture and retail.
The main panel sessions are as follows: ‘Future international business priorities for
Russia and the United Kingdom’; ‘Financial infrastructure and digital trends in
international business’; ‘Industrial cooperation and global production development’;
‘Interregional cooperation and exploiting export potential’; and ‘New prospects in the
services sector: opportunities for the Russian and British markets’.
As part of the round-table discussions, experts, business representatives and
officials will take part in meaningful discussions on cooperation prospects and
implementing solutions for so-called smart cities, organic food markets and the new
consumer philosophy, as well as advanced technology in the healthcare sector.
According to Russian and British data, trade between the two countries has
grown progressively in recent times. In 2017, it grew by 23%, growing by a further 8% in
2018, which amounted to USD 13.7 billion. The total level of British investment in the
Russian economy amounts to USD 20.3 billion, with Russia having invested a total of
over USD 13 billion in the British economy. The past few years have seen the emergence

of new goods, with Russian non-primary exports and services to the United Kingdom
increasing and diversifying. To that end, investment, developing and localizing
production and facilitating the transfer of technology are already underway.
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