Polish Business Link

Business works best when it stays connected!
In March 2012 PBLINK and the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) held the first business mixer in the UK attracted over 100 local entrepreneurs. Since then the organisation has expanded the network all over UK helping diverse entrepreneurs to grow business outside of their homeland.

The PBLINK concept is grounded in the idea that strong networking skills are extremely important for entrepreneurs who are building their businesses a long way from the familiar environment of their native country. PBLINK mission is to help entrepreneurs to grow business in the UK by arranging valuable business introductions to find new business partners, franchisees, distributors, investors or other like-minded people willing to set up a business.

Our events focus on issues such as: Funding for business start-ups and growth, Legal, tax and financial issues facing entrepreneurs in the UK, Marketing, HR issues. Above all we like to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to share practical knowledge and help others to reach their business dreams.

PBLINK cooperates with a number of businesses and government organisations in the UK including Polish Embassy, Polish Consulates, local Chamber of Commerce, European Enterprise Network, Business Gateway. We are also interviewing by the national and local media including BBC, ITV, Bloomberg, FT, the Economist and more.

How we can help you?
- GET CONNECTED - 1k+ entrepreneurs in the UK attending our 40+ networking events in London & Edinburgh
- MATCHMAKING - We can introduce you to key partners in the UK: franchisees, distributors, investors or other like-minded people.
- PITCH - you can speak at our events and present your business in an informal pitch
- COMMUNITY - we are well established community helping each-other

www.pblink.co.uk, info@pblink.co.uk, 07842613016

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