How to Smash Influencer Marketing in 2018

Who is Ben Jeffries?

Ben Jeffries is a 21-year-old entrepreneur who, after experimenting with his first venture, a clothing brand called Breeze, realised the best advertising isn’t advertising. People don’t like ads, and ad’s aren’t cool so he looked for creative solutions to drive sales.

Seeing the power of social media and micro influencers Ben started to work with more and more of them. He noticed a pattern; the majority of micro-influencers he contacted would often ignore him and those that did reply didn’t know how to price themselves. When he reached out to marketing agencies, they’d require an unrealistic starting budget of over £20,000. He saw potential in creating one of the first influencer marketing companies. He quit Breeze and set up Influencer. Since then Ben has gone from strength to strength with amazing names behind the brand and the world famous YouTuber Caspar Lee as co-founder.

The secrets of Influencer Marketing

Every day more and more people are referring to themselves as an ''Influencer'' when, in actual fact, they have no following or no real influence over the followers they do have.

This begs the question: ''Who actually is an Influencer?’

For this reason, in 2018 Ben is predicting a shift from #influencermarketing towards ''influential content creators''; people who are influencing their followers via the inspirational, informative and beautiful content they create.

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