Making the Most Out of Your Exhibition Stand

There’s no better way to raise your brand’s awareness by exhibiting at a business exhibition. You’ll likely meet new and existing customers, listen to feedback that they may have, and you may even be inspired by new ideas and plans. Creating banners, choosing your promotional material and marketing your attendance at an event can be costly, so by making sure you maximise the opportunity and implement an effective plan, your organization will be sure to benefit from the experience.

Here, Introbiz’s Managing Director, Paul Smolinski, shares his tips on how to make the most out of your exhibition stand.

Stand Design
An eye catching stand design will draw potential customers to you. Try to use innovative lighting, bold colours and a clever slogan to draw attention. You may be limited to as to how far you can go with your stand design, so it’s important that you find out the exact dimensions and the type of space that you have before you finalise any designs or banners.

Entertaining your visitors
Once you’ve attracted visitors to your stand, you need to ensure that they are entertained so that they will stay and engage with you. Have you ever thought about hiring a performer such as a magician to keep interest? Depending on your industry, you could offer interactive gaming stations or signed sporting paraphernalia.

Personal interaction
People buy from people they know, like and trust so that initial impression and conversation is key. You should be welcoming, maintain eye contact and be polite and provide the correct information. Make sure you convey genuine interest in your visitor by asking questions and being transparent. Remember, it’s never about you, it’s about what you can do for them.

Offering refreshments is another way to encourage visitors to approach your stand. Depending on the exhibition’s guidelines, you could offer sweets, cupcakes or tasters of your product. Exhibitions tend to be long days for both the exhibitors and visitors so offering good quality, bright and inviting refreshments could prove extremely welcoming. This could even work as a good marketing tool – you could offer sweets with your logo displayed on them!

New, high tech gadgets are a great visitor magnet and it’s an exciting way for you to demonstrate what your product or service can do. You could use iPads or large HD televisions which can show attractive and informative visual displays. Apps are also increasing in popularity, ensuring that the customer is able to keep up to date with your business.

Follow Up
Following up is a vital part of exhibiting and networking alike. You should follow up no more than 24 hours following the event and you can do this by sending a friendly email, picking up the phone and then arranging a face to face meeting. If you’ve promised to follow up with a certain visitor in a specific way, then you should do so. This way, you’ll build trust and reputation which is what networking and exhibiting is all about.

Introbiz hosts Wales’ National Business Exhibitions across Wales and this year, the events will take place on Thursday, 1st August at Parc y Scarlets, Thursday, 19th September at The Dragons and Thursday, 14th November at Cardiff City Football Club. It’s completely free to attend and you can find out more by visiting our website or call 02920 291002.