Top Tips for Exhibition Space Success.

Words by Olive Westley, Professional Exhibiting Manager.

As the Head of Exhibiting Management for The Business Show, I am more than aware that Exhibitions are one of the best tools that a business can utilise to maximise ROI's and business targets. 

With business start-ups becoming more and more common, it is no surprise that  The Business Show is the best show to exhibit with for all businesses. When Maximising our exhibiting services, you can ensure that all your aims and objectives can be met. 

Live, face-to-face marketing at exhibitions can be the best form of marketing available to the modern business and these are my top tips for receiving the best ROI after exhibiting at The Business Show’s 40th birthday!


Your pre-show efforts are the most important activity you can be involved in order to make an exhibition as profitable as possible.

As a Prysm Group event, exhibiting at The Business Show gives you access to the Smart Exhibiting Team. You will be allocated a Smart Exhibiting Account Manager- in the case of 2019’s show, that’s me!!

Your Account Manager works closely with you providing as little or as much help and advice for optimising your exhibition space before the show.

So if you are exhibiting at The Business Show, then make sure you book in a call with your Account Manager and have plans in place. How do you want your exhibition space to look? What is going to draw your audience in? Why is your exhibition space going to stand out from the others at the show? Can we reflect your aims and objectives through your stand?

Pre-Show Marketing

The newly formed all-female marketing team for The Business Show works hard to bring in a large, and varied audience to the show every year, however for you to get in touch with your specific market, we need you as an exhibitor to work with us to bring in exactly who you would like to speak to.

We have recently implemented the 5 Steps to Pre-Show Marketing Success which outlines exactly what we believe exhibitors need to be doing before the show to get the best ROI as possible.

Those key steps are:

Get yourself listed on our website - simply being listed on the website makes all of our pre-registered audience aware that you will be there and could even lead to pre-show deals

Schedule a press release - Does your website have an events page? Our marketing team can provide content that you can put up on your site which makes the traffic to your website aware that you will be exhibiting. There are also a huge array of marketing graphics available on the exhibitor portal which can be utlised on any of your social media platforms.

Invite your audience - You know better than anyone who you want to speak to at the show if you invite them they are much more likely to come and specifically interact with you. We can provide email copy and press releases for you to use to invite your audience, we even have invitation graphics that you can send out.

Blog Content - The Business show’s blog provides another level of pre-show exposure and gives your company the opportunity to educate its audience, and prove exactly why you are the experts in your industry. For more information about being included on our blog please contact Marketing Manager, Pearl Pearce-Smith

Social Media Activity - The marketing team for The Business Show works with exhibitors to create a pre-show buzz on social media. The more content you put out as an exhibitor using @Thebusinessshow or #TBSUK the more we can interact with your activities.


When visitors are at the show, why are they going to do business with you? Is there a special rate you are offering for delegates that do business with you within the two days? You’ve got to think about why visitors are going to come to your space.

Manning your stand

At the show, the members of staff at your exhibition space act as ambassadors for your company. You need to make sure that your staff are smart, presentable and friendly.

The feedback we have had from visitors was that if staff were sat down when they walked past their space that they weren’t likely to go in and ask about their service.

Furniture can be very effective when sitting down with potential clients but it can tempt staff to sit down and look less welcoming.

How are you going to follow up post-show?

At the show you can speak to hundreds of potential clients, if you take a business card from each of them it can take weeks to input all of these details into a system and then to get in contact with them. By this time the leads can very easily have gone cold. We advise that leads made at a show are most receptive when contacted 7-10 days after a show.

One way to minimise the time between the show and speaking to those leads is by either utilising a data capture device or having a live landing page open at the show which means you save time post-show.

If you want any more information regarding your exhibition space at The Business Show’s 40th Birthday, then please get in contact with Olive Westley.

01872 218 004