£28,000 of Sales In 5 Days

You can achieve more sales when you know how to create automated marketing campaigns the right way. One of our recent campaigns generated £28,000 worth of sales in 5 days for a client. How did we achieve this you may ask? By taking an existing database of 30,000 contacts and structuring a campaign to re-engage these contacts we took them from passive to positively engaged customers.

Combine such strategies as discount offers and scarcity into an automated campaign and we achieved an uptake in engagement with the existing database that took no extra effort for the business owner. The campaign was automated and the next steps of the campaign were dictated by the actions customers took with the emails they received.

The campaign structure incorporated the key principle of what we call a Customer Value Optimisation (CVO) program, this is where we take customers on a journey. The customer's actions within the campaign depict the journey they get placed on, whether they open the emails and or complete the call to actions there is always a route for the customer to be taken on/a journey to be followed.

By structuring the campaigns around a CVO program you can ensure that you maintain a perpetual life cycle of marketing with your customers unless they unsubscribe from your campaigns. Even at this point, we can still keep the unsubscribers aware of your brand, service or product by utilising remarketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook.

By building campaigns and understanding automation combined with the process of a CVO program you can generate consistent results for your business, that will generate more leads, more conversions and more productivity.


Still far too many businesses are not embracing automation and true digital marketing that extends way beyond the common perception of what most think digital marketing is. It’s more than social media, it’s about creating lifecycle marketing and the principles of the business success method that 30,000 businesses now use every day to keep ahead of the competition and grow their businesses the digital marketing automation way.