It is time to be a caring employer!

‘By Claire Ayerst – CEO of WorkPlace HR Ltd’

I believe in workspaces where everyone can thrive. I also believe in the role of the employer, who should take some responsibility for mental health issues that occur in the workplace.

This is because good mental health at work and strong management go hand in hand and there is evidence to suggest that workplaces with a high level of mental wellbeing are more productive.

Act now to ensure that you have management tools in place to deal with what will inevitably become something that we will all need to embrace and provide support for, such as:

-You can recognize a potential mental health problem.

-Have a good idea of how to reach out to a colleague in distress.

-Create a platform which will enable you to work with others to make your workplace mentally healthy for everyone

It is with the tailored help of our specialist Wellbeing Consultants that you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and build a cohesive framework to tackle the most challenging of situations that lie ahead.