We are proud to have Influencer on board with us at The 39th Business Show. Influencer are champions in the influencer marketing world. Their mission is to make creative content easier to access and simpler to get seen by millions. Thousands of creators and brands around the world use Influencer to get amazing content produced and amplified across social media.


Influencer marketing identifies individuals that have influence over potential buyers. So the marketing is focused on these influential people rather than the target market. The marketing activities orient around these influencers.


Influencer was founded by Ben Jeffries, a 21-year-old entrepreneur who realised people don’t like ads, so he looked for more creative solutions to drive sales.

Seeing the power of social media and micro influencers Ben started to work with more and more of them. He saw potential in creating one of the first influencer marketing companies, Influencer was born! Since then Ben has gone from strength to strength with amazing names behind the brand such as the world famous YouTuber Caspar Lee as CMO.


Influencer is now one of the fastest growing influencer platforms in history. Thousands of creators and brands across the globe use Influencer to get their business noticed and spread to thousands of new audiences.


Influencer will be at stand number 1170 at The Business Show and CEO Ben Jeffries will also be delivering a keynote seminar on Wednesday 16th at 11.45 titled ‘Influencer Marketing: Do This and Win.’ This will be an overview of how to engage in influencer marketing and how to make your campaign ground-breaking in 2018.


Influencer website:

Twitter: @InfluencerLtd

Phone: +44 203 871 2953


The Business Show will take place on the 16th & 17th May in ExCeL, London, register for free tickets here to check out Influencer & Ben’s keynote seminar.