Get professional, Get Smart$

I believe that following the ten years of recession we have just struggled through; only professional property investors will still be standing at the end of the next ten years!


This is not a barrier to success – this is a call to action! Whether you are still considering property investment as a financial strategy or maybe you already have one or more investment properties – this does not spell “disaster” – this spells “wake up”.


The recent changes in government legislation and the tax changes – as well as forthcoming Brexit, and general housing market mood swings, all mean that you need to change the way you think about investing in property.


I regularly debate with people that property is a business. Some people I meet networking or online, have just one or two properties and don’t see themselves as running a business. And that is where the danger lies.


I believe – in fact, after 10 years’ experience in investing, I know each property is a business unit in its own right.


It has a market or client (the tenant), it is a product or service that you offer for a price and that needs promotion. In order to make a consistent profit you need to monitor the accounts, and maintenance systems you use. You will have some form of professional team (staff) that you work with who need managing! Those are all the components of a business.


In fact, what purpose does it serve to argue that property is not a business? What are you saying about your attitude towards your investments by not treating them as a business?


I think some people lack the knowledge or confidence to say they have a property business. And that is why I know only professional property investors will survive. Those who get Property Smart$, those that take action now to address the changes demanded of them – those that have a clear Strategy, know the Market they are operating in, take the right Action at the right time, Reach out to their tenants and prospective clients, track the Treasure in their business and pay attention to the £


I hope that is you.


My name is Vicki Wusche and I love buying houses. When I am not investing in property I writing books about investing in property. I started investing for myself and my family in 2008. Within just five years I had been recognised by The Telegraph as one of The UKs Top 25 Most Influential People in Property. In the last 7 years, I have bought 63 properties and raised over £5 million in Joint Venture money.


I am speaking at the Business Show Excel on Wednesday 16th May in Theatre 6 and Thursday 17th May in SME Marketing Theatre at 13.15 Please come and hear what I have to say – it makes sense. Come and visit us at stand 242.