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What If every person in your business felt seen, heard, valued, validated and appreciated for their gifts, abilities and unique qualities? What if they experienced a strong sense of belonging, felt confident, empowered, well-balanced, trusted, and had excellent communication and conflict resolution skills? What if there were less disruptions due to personal issues and more passion and engagement over all levels?

How would that impact your organisation's productivity, profitability, efficiency and growth? What else could be achieved?


"Love is power, because it multiplies the best we have...This is the variable that we have ignored for too long." - Albert Einstein

Underlying every single human motivation for advancement and achievement is the need to be loved. Think about it... if you were loved absolutely, unconditionally, in all the ways that you long for and need, how would your life be different; happier; healthier? What would be possible, not just in your private life, but also in your professional life?

We all live for love, and go on living better lives because of it. But people will literally die for love or to be loved, meanwhile suffering depression, intense anxiety, low self-esteem, dysfunctional and erratic behaviour, addictions, aggression, and generally become sick and broken due to the lack of it.

Like never before, people are increasingly taking more time off work for health, stress, overwhelm, and anxiety reasons. With so much at stake, how can your company solve the personal problems that affect the workplace, help promote a healthy work-life balance, and fulfil the needs and requirements expected by your team?


There's a new paradigm of mind/body/spirit awareness taking precedence in the workplace, spurring people towards increased personal fulfilment, a greater sense of purpose and a holistic view on health for mental and emotional well-being.

Following in the footsteps of consciousness movements such as eco-responsibility and mindfulness, a wild-fire trend for Self Love is now under-way. It's changing the way individuals relate to themselves and their workplace at a rapid rate. The bottom line is, people need more, they want more, and they are leaving unsatisfying or stressful jobs to go in search of more.

What's the answer? Build your company's foundation on a practice of genuine Self Love for each individual, and then your team becomes unstoppable!

You can now deliver outstanding levels of attention to wellbeing for your entire company, at every level, easily transforming the work environment and your company's results simultaneously.

Become an exceptional leader in your industry with the "I Love You, Me" method.

With pioneering, leading edge, inner-technologies that deliver outstanding results in your personal and professional life, trial the "I love you, me" method today.

Book a FREE consultation for your company, get tailor made seminars, workshops and group facilitation, 1:1 self love coaching, plus benefit from signature online courses with proven results for transformation in energy, health, emotional and mental wellbeing, spiritual stability, confidence, self worth, prosperity, success and so much more!

Self Love Saves Lives & Sets You Free.

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