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Child Learning App ! Scaled Agile Coaching ! Fun Kids Live (India)

cJourneyTM is a digital product suite of mobile applications and web portal. It is the most secure and reliable digital product suite which makes School - Parent communication easy and convenient. We have been awarded as Great British Business by Telegraph UK. Also we have got another award for "The Special Global Education Tech Leader of 2019" by Knowledge Review Global Magazine.

Our SAFe® Program Consultant coaches provide Scaled Agile coaching to Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Teams. Visit our sister company website today:

Fun Kids Live - India`s First Online, Mobile and Radio* Channel Just for Kids!! And we handmade Universal Rating Child Friendly Program by using our in-house media team. So, parent don`t have to worry about scary, adult, violent, abusive, unsuitable content at all. They are safe online with Fun Kids Live!! Parents love to watch our channels with their kids... and we got a long list of programs which will keep any family and kids entertained and at same time they will get a good learning.

People enjoy our Celebrity Kids Interviews, Meet the personality, Live coverage of Events, Songs, Movies, Film Reviews, Podcasts, News, Galleries, Lullabies, etc.

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