Stand Number: YBC68

London Product Development Pipeline

The London Product Development Pipeline is a community of digital professionals who together represent the entire startup journey; from the business strategy and ideation through to design, development, marketing, launch and beyond. As a team, we provide startup-founders with the skill, knowledge and experience to go from having a clear product vision all the way to growing into your role as the CEO of a product company.

The LPDP Provides
> For startup founders the support they need to successfully launch digital product companies, and;
> For SMEs the support they need to confidently undertake digital transformations on their existing businesses

Our Mission
To empower Startup and SME founders to apply cutting-edge Product Management principles to deliver the focus required for Product & Business Success

Key Ideas
1. Startup is not a hero`s journey, because no one founder or digital professional has all the skills and processes required to success. It is collaborative effort of many complementary skill sets.
2. Founders need not fly in the dark, there is a set process which we can guide you through to product success. The diagram above represents the super-structure of the path startups need to take to get to market successfully.

For more information about how we work or to book a meeting with Alexander to chat about your startup/idea please contact Alexander:
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