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Unified Communications (UC) uses the internet to connect the people you employ, letting them communicate in a controlled and secure environment.
Using a bespoke url which can be accessed by a web browser on a laptop, tablet or a mobile app., UC opens up and exciting opportunity to communicate efficiently: telephone, conferencing, video conferencing, video sharing, file sharing, screen sharing and more, link your people at the tap of a screen.
Now, businesses and service organisations, like yours, with staff out on site calls, visiting satellite offices and working from home can connect and communicate productively.

The service supports collaboration, creating contact groups or teams perhaps supporting a region, a crucial project or an important client. A dashboard of team members appears on their mobile, tablet or computer screen, enabling users to see clearly who`s available to contact, to make a call, text, chat or video.
Users collaborate, trading knowledge, storing and exchanging files, creating and jointly modifying documents.
At its simplest, staff are always in even if they`re often out. They take calls as if at their desks, log the details and share them with appropriate colleagues to be followed up and actioned.

The service is cost effectively scalable, supporting new project developments in days rather than weeks.
Add a new member of staff, include them on the dashboard, pop an app. on their mobile and they quickly become an extremely effective part of the team. They are connected and now communicate in collaboration with other experienced members of staff.
Wherever they are working, your employees will enjoy the confidence of team support. That confidence and back-up is hugely enabling, improving efficiency and boosting productivity throughout the department.
Effective collaboration improves the quality of customer service, increasing customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

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