Stand Number: 851

The Gazette

The Gazette publishes free information on every company registered with Companies House. Each company has its own profile page showing Gazette notices and information from Companies House, providing a complete and unbiased picture on an official platform.

The Gazette is the UK`s official public record and only publishes information that is authoritative and trustworthy. Since 1665, The Gazette has been publishing notices that are required by law and deemed to be in the public`s interest. Fully digitised and free to access and search, over a quarter of a million people use the website every month.

The Gazette company profiles show vital information, such as when a company was incorporated, director names, the nature of the business, a timeline of activity and filings with Companies House. Search can be by company name, number, location, industry type and incorporation date, which is extremely helpful when carrying out a competitor analysis or researching a supplier.

A company profile is a great way for a business to showcase important information, and can be customised to help demonstrate good standing. Customisation includes a company logo, website URL, links to social media pages, a phone number and a short introduction to the company, including three website links to highlight products and services. It also includes a digital badge which can be added to a company website and email communications.

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