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Sticky Pixel & Blockacre

Sticky Pixel is the software development partner of choice for FinTech companies needing an experienced team to help them build beautiful applications.

We specialise in designing and developing products that combine effortless user experience, beautiful interface design, state-of-the-art technology and a customer-first approach. Based in London and working with international clients, we are experienced in web and native app development across a number of industries but with a focus on FinTech, WealthTech and PropTech.

About Blockacre
Our latest product, Blockacre, is a next generation, blockchain-based application enabling fund management companies to offer institutional-grade investments directly to retail investors.

Blockacre consists of:

* A Hyperledger, blockchain financial back office and user management
* A responsive web application

Problems for Property Funds
1. Traditional sources of investment are in decline and attracting new investors is expensive.
2. High cost-per-investor is prohibiting funds from lowering thresholds and attracting investors at scale.

Problems for Consumers
1. Few easy ways exist to invest in commercial property funds.
2. Investing in commercial property is expensive and illiquid.

Blockacre makes it:

* Fast and easy to invest
* Lowers the investment threshold
* Attracts new, alternative investors
* Promotes liquidity
* Enables large scale investor participation

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