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The Freestyle Coach

Chloe Barber is the worlds first and only Freestyle Coach.

So what does that mean?

Freestyle is about experience, exploration and doing what feels right. It's about being in the moment, grabbing and making the most of all the opportunities and extraordinary things right there in front of you.

Freestyle is about being inspired, feeling supported, creating the things you feel the urge to create and most importantly trusting your gut. Reconnecting with your intuition. Noticing it and then following it to live a life full of fulfilment, opportunity and happiness.

Bringing Freestyle to the workplace is quite something. Whether it be coaching the owner of a business or introducing some of the Freestyle understanding to employees. It`s impactful and it makes a difference.

Chloe specialises in coaching mums and this is her area of expertise. Having three young children herself and growing a business in and amongst having babies and raising children; she knows and understands how it feels. With a professional background in antenatal education and birth and postnatal support prior to coaching, Chloe`s experience, knowledge, skills and expertise can make such a difference to the way mum`s feel.

Not only for the business owners - Chloe understands the importance of how women feel at work; particularly during pregnancy or as mums. She knows the difference it can make if their well-being is cared for, and that`s where she steps in. The piece of the puzzle that can change the way people feel about a company and about themselves, which is incredibly important.

If you're interested, intrigued or even just a little curious about how Chloe could support you or your business - get in touch to book in a conversation whilst she's at The Business Show. See if Freestyle could be exactly what your business needs to kick of 2019 in the best, most revolutionary way.

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