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Everything you need to create your book, raise your profile, increase your influence and grow your business, all in one place. Become the Authority in your world.

People see you in a different way when you are a published author. It positions you as a true expert in your field and raises your status above others in your marketplace - who are not authors. You are perceived as a go-to person in your industry, one who the media would contact for interviews and expert comment.

As an author, people will respect your knowledge and insights - and seek you out for solutions to their problems.

Many authors have built a successful business around their knowledge and their book and have monetised this by becoming a speaker and platform presenter.

Many of them repurpose their knowledge into other products such as courses, webinars, audio products and open learning programmes. All profit centres, and all emanating from the book. The book is the key to a whole new business.

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