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Bespoke web and mobile application development plus software engineering consulting.

At WebYourMind, we focus on building bespoke web and mobile applications for clients throughout the EU and the Americas. Although we specialize in Javascript, we also offer full-stack, customizable development that is not outsourced, but engineered by our team of carefully recruited professionals from across Europe. Our projects adhere to latest and best development methodologies (e.g. SCRUM) to ensure high-quality, efficiently produced products.

We thoughtfully select our clients to partner only with those companies and projects where we can add extensive value as members of the team. Our development services go beyond simply writing code to include engineering consulting services, C-level technology leadership, and long-term relationship building where we act as integral members of the team enabling our clients to build MVPs, accelerate projects, or create something completely new.

We have worked with a variety of clients from Fortune 100 companies to young, nimble startups to build MVPs, create custom web and mobile applications, and consulted on dozens of projects. We believe in the value of data, and we build all of our products to collect useful, informative data that can be used for continuous product improvement.

Past partners and clients include The Open Source Initiative, Microsoft, Workday, Dublin City Council, WorkReduce, Signal Secure, Optimise Logistics, and DWA Marketing.

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