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TeamPlayerHR, a revolutionary tool that will change the way SME`s hire employees, is the third element in the periodic table of hire order intelligence. TeamPlayerHR provides the `IM,` or `Intrinsic Matrix` profile -- the missing ingredient of information to rank the potential matches, removing emotion and chance from decision-making and creating the most favorable geometry for the right team in your organization!

TeamPlayerHR patented technology is an online software designed by behavioral psychologists. It is not a psychometric test. It permits Owners, HR/recruitment personnel to determine how well two individuals or multiple participants who have taken the questionnaire will work together in a team setting. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete and the results are instantly available and statistically proven.

TeamPlayerHR is easily integrated as part of the recruitment process and enables you to select candidates not solely on the basis of their Talent, but, additionally, based on how well they will work together to advance the organization's objectives.

What TeamPlayerHR Can Do For You
Recruitment can be a costly process if your business is experiencing high staff turnover. In most cases it`s due to a bad fit involving the role, the company culture, or team dynamics. The wrong fit will lead to new recruits leaving your organization. With TeamPlayerHR, you can begin to match people more closely and actually recruit staff that will stay. Additionally, TeamPlayerHR can:
• Reduce recruitment costs
• Seamlessly integrate into your current hiring process
• Maintain and improve hiring processes
• Ensure new hires fit in with company culture
• Support team-building and business succession planning

TeamPlayerHR drastically improves your current recruitment process because it takes away the emotional component and helps recruitment associates produce consistent results using scientifically proven methods. TeamPlayerHR results are auditable and nonjudgmental, leading to the placement of employees who will be a good fit for the business.

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