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The Best You

We are the experts in lifestyle enhancement who believe everyone deserves to realise their dreams. We bring people inspiration at our ground-breaking seminars and connect them with the leading voices in the field through our exhibitions, workshops and on and offline content.

In a cluttered world of personal development, we provide a home to our authors, thinkers and customers, a place where they can share or find the best guidance and knowledge. We provide them with the necessary tools so they can develop themselves.

This year, Bernardo Moya, Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder, announced a new mission for The Best You that will guide our work for 2019 and over the next few years.

Bernardo Moya: `We have a responsibility as transformational leaders to inspire change and make the world a better place...`

In the past, the personal development industry has always focused on changing the individual, not inspiring a movement, but we now have a responsibility as experts in motivational education and leadership psychology to inspire and transform groups of people to make the world a better place. By educating and empowering whole communities we can impact global change and create greater awareness of vital issues.

The Best You believes that education and personal development leads to empowerment, and supports individuals, organisations and initiatives who strive to make the world a better place. With that foundation, our next focus will be to help dedicated individuals and organisations become the social energisers who make that vital difference. We provide practical answers, inspiration, guidance and programmes specifically designed to promote awareness and engage social action, and our varied platforms (magazines, digital tv, website and events) provide the transformative tools necessary to facilitate change.

Bringing the personal development community together as a global community is a project bigger than any one individual or company, but let The Best You support you because together we can make a better world.

THE BEST YOU EXPO is back on Year Four!

The Expo explores topics like wealth, health, entrepreneurship, confidence, ageing, mindfulness practices, phobia cures, passionate living, female empowerment, breaking self-limiting beliefs, divorce coaching, and much, much more.

Speakers come from a variety of sectors, including business, finance, health, neuroscience and new age philosophies, as well as entrepreneurs and leading CEOs. Attendees come with a like-minded purpose: to discover purpose, meaning, better well-being, health, self-improvement and career growth.

The Best You is also launching 100 brand new LEGACY CLUBS!!

The Best You Legacy Club is a place where like-minded people, who are passionate about making a difference meet. A place to think, to share ideas to find inspiration, to connect with colleagues that care and support you, that help you on your quest to enhancing your life and growing your career or business and making the world a better place.

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