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Business Process Management (BPM), is a business strategy that every company needs. As Physics and Chemistry, Algebra and Geometry, Aviation and Aeronautics, Drugs to Disease are related. Similarly, the Business Process Management (BPM), and Automated Business Process is the Heartbeat of an enterprise.

Organizations without BPM cannot survive, and with the arrival of Internet-based applications, most organizations today are making the BPM as the top priority, as well as the new disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, mobile, social media included in today enterprise; this creates a need for BPM.

Todays BPM software applied to many techniques and approaches, and it is fragmented and falls under BPM Modelling tools, execution tools, content management tools, workflow all these classified as BPM, which when viewed separately appears confusing.

EnterpriseBaiscsSixOne (ebSixOne®) is a new breed of real experienced-based Business Process Management (BPM) software. Our vision is to create a single unified platform for managing enterprise business processes, that is designed to be `logical,` `simple,` `Intuitive,` easy to use, and ebSixOne® is abbreviated as follows;

• e = Enterprise - (Covering the entire Business, or a Company)
• b = Basics - Covering the Business / Enterprise Strategic Planning / Goals
• Six = Six Domains Lobs or six functional areas of an organization and its activities
• One = Single Page - All appearing or available on one page, no coding needed

Here at ebSixOne®, we believe that the future of the Business Process Management (BPM) does not lie in the multiple tools that are available today. Enterprises need a BPM tool that is simplified and incorporates Enterprise Basics and the Six elements of the BPM as follows;

1. Enterprise Strategies
2. Value Chains
3. Value Stream
4. Viewpoints
5. Artifacts and Architect
6. RACI into one unified system.

ebSixOne® design offers an integrated heart of the organization which mostly managed in Silos. It opens an entirely new level of business transparency that allows management teams to streamline planning, evaluate the funded initiatives against strategies, and craft more effective transformation roadmaps. It delivers an incredibly integrated and most important value proposition for the organizations, as well as time-saving related information to the users.

The Design of the ebSixOne®: Business Architecture used as the fundamental driver of the Enterprise Basics design. The Business Architecture forms `a blueprint of the enterprise.`
ebSixOne also provides a common understanding of the organization `value stream`` its structure and strategic objectives. It incorporates several essential elements that establish both the foundation and the justification for business architecture and combines the related best practices.

ebSixOne® design approach eliminates the traditional way of implementing SAP approach which leaves GAPS, between the business needs and what the implementation team delivers. As a result, the organizations at large end up with an incomplete system and internal situation as follows;

• Pain-Point -Integration issues
• Business Process Gaps
• Touch-Point - Missing Configuration
• Insufficient Nurturing of Staff
• Incomplete Business Process Documentation
• Limited Training of SMEs and Users

ebSixOne® Incorporates Six essential elements of an enterprise, which are: Enterprise Basics = Enterprise Strategies + Value Chain+ Value Stream + Viewpoint (Activity) + Architect & Artifact + Stakeholders (RACI)

• All components fit on a single page
• Cloud-based portal
• Zero coding required
• No customization
• No consulting required
• Easy to use, intuitive, simple design
• Pay as you go (SaaS)
• Cost-effective
• Applicable to any organization
• ERP - Interface

ebSixOne® and SAPHandyManServices: In addition to the BPM development, I have many years of IT and SAP software consulting expertise, it is one of the most sought-after profession worldwide. I also have extensive knowledge and expertise in preparing and delivering SAP software solutions and training to organizations, and able to provide my expert services through SAPHandyManServices as follows;

1. Prototype (Proof Of Concept) Development - SAPHandyManServices drives, develops
and delivers POC solutions.
2. A la Carte Consulting Services - Provide a solution for a module or a single process to
be implemented.
3. turn-Key Solutions - Will take on a specific requirement and deliver a workable
4. Use Case Development - Organizations looking for the next phase of SAP
implementation - able to assist organizations to develop use cases and outsourced to
5. Business Process Blueprint, seeking to prepare before taking a deep dive into new
requirements, let us design a business process blueprint and deliver a solution
6. Training Curriculum - we have the expertise to design and offer SAP curriculum and
training to support your business needs
7. Create and develop at our site - saving time and revenue - we know to design and
8. Prepare and Provide two hours of free SAP S/4HANA training for your staff

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