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Jumpstart Limited

We provide a unique blend of technological and business expertise to guide companies through the complexities of submitting claims to HMRC.

R&D (as opposed to any other kind of) tax relief is first and foremost a technical area, requiring a special combination of skills. We believe that companies get the best results by using people who actually understand the science of what they do. That`s why our analysts come from many scientific backgrounds enabling them to identify eligible activity and then translate very technical information into meaningful reports that are relevant to HMRC`s R&D guidelines. Jumpstart`s analysts are the ultimate hybrid - highly qualified technical experts who also understand the complex R&D tax credit legislation inside out.

Working together with accountants, Jumpstart finds and maximises the client`s eligibility while accountants utilise its tax benefit. We always complement rather than compete. Jumpstart has consistently found eligibility in processes in companies that have struggled to understand the legislation.

We are proud to be different, and justifiably so - our approach has allowed us to make strong, successful claims for many companies who were previously advised that they were ineligible, or which had greatly underestimated the extent of their eligibility.

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