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Looking to use existing data and artificial intelligence to develop your business? Look no further. Miminal provide bespoke data science to businesses, helping them to adapt to the ever changing technological landscape and keep ahead of the competition. Our talented team of data scientists are experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and data modelling and have experience working with AI in a variety of industries including Internet of Things, blockchain, logistics and marketing.

But, how can we help you? We have a proven track record of working with organisations big and small, from multi-million pound organisations looking towards data science for the first time to startups who aim to use the data they collect to drive their business growth. We can help refactor your existing data structures, build new data pipelines and develop bespoke data models to highlight inefficiencies and improvements to your business operations. We provide the full end to end service from data science audits right through to integration of AI models into existing workflows and software, advising your AI and data strategy throughout.

Our management team has strong links with the University of Bristol. Our founders are research associates involved in AI research at the university and knowledge transfer to industry and so are always up to date with developments in AI from both academia and industry.

So whether you have a specific data related problem in mind, or want to know more about how your business could benefit from data science, get in touch with us at We are happy to discuss opportunities with any company who feel that they could add value to their business by doing more with their data.

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