Stand Number: 862

Challenger Escapes

Challenger Escapes is one of the UK`s most innovative Escape Room Companies specialising in the delivery of experiences within the corporate market.

Activate the value in your teams by immersing them in unforgettable problem-solving experiences that challenge thinking and unlock their potential to deliver innovative outcomes.

With a range of problem-solving activities that put team dynamics to the test, you get your own truly memorable Corporate Escape experience. With either a mobile or bespoke portable escape room installed at your office, everyone can take part, resulting in a profound effect on your organisation.

Every mission is designed with your Corporate Message at its very heart. From a wide range of participant numbers to bespoke skill-testing our escape rooms offer instant immersion and an unforgettable learning experience.

Created in conjunction with both military and civilian leaders, our experiences will set challenges which unlock the deepest parts of people's personality and build resilience.

Everyone taking part is rewarded, you can generate social media publicity, enjoy interdepartmental competitions and even get insights into the way your team works together.

Are you up for it? If you have a team of 35 or more then let`s create something together that people will talk about for years to come. Start the conversation on stand 862 near the main stage.

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