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SEO & web design companies are not all created equal, this is what makes us different...

And we`re definitely different, as unlike many SEO agencies or freelancers, we have a solid background of 30+ years in the industry as a web design and development company.

That means we don`t focus only on content, we fine-tune the code that your site runs on. This is absolutely essential to making the most of your SEO strategy.

Imagine this... your company sells golf clubs, so you want to rank for the long-tail keyword `buy golf clubs`. So you put that keyword on your homepage - great - all done? No, we would look at that keyword and see what code is wrapped around it so that when Google visits your site, it knows that `buy golf clubs` is a very important keyword that you want to rank for.

But what else do people search for when they're looking for golf clubs? "What's the best putter?" would be an example, and we will advise and consult on how these related keywords should be included in your content and strategy.

A major element of our process is to go through the code and check it is optimised and easy for Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc.) to read. This is known as technical SEO or technical optimisation.

Only once that has been done is it worth concentrating on the copy and content of your site, if you don`t get your code right, you`re wasting valuable ranking opportunities, your time, money and loosing revenue and potential sales.

While every client is different (we approach each project with fresh eyes), there`s nothing like a plan of action and we have a standard process which applied to all our SEO projects.

Keyword Research - what keywords do you want your customers to find you with? This first step is a major part of the process

Competitor Analysis - what keywords are your direct competitors ranking under, how well and are those keywords relevant to you?

SEO Audit - how well is your site coded and what changes are needed before we start to optimise the content?

Content Strategy - now the site is coded correctly, we can focus on building content through new pages, blogs etc.

SEO essentials - now we have completed all of the above, we need to ensure that the essentials are covered. This includes lots of technical elements like robots.txt files, XML sitemaps, setting up Google Analytics and Webmaster tools, checking and fixing 404 errors (missing pages).

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