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We create tailored CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our end-to-end solutions cover all aspects of your organisation: Marketing to Sales, Service/Product Delivery and ongoing Customer Service. If you want an efficient `joined up` business, that can consistently deliver, come talk to us.

Instead of merely installing Microsoft Dynamics 365, we work closely together and decide jointly with our clients how they can leverage business efficiency, productivity, and growth through Dynamics 365.

Since Microsoft Dynamics comes out-of-the-box with four built-in Apps, we use these as a starting point and customise, in and around them. This creates a system that best meets your business needs and supports your business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 built-in Apps:

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Furthermore, Microsoft provides add-ons such as:

- LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration

- Dynamics Portals

If required, we use these add-ons to meet specific clients needs, such as prospect research (in the case of LinkedIn) and customer, partner, or employee self-service websites that link to Dynamics 365 (in the case of Dynamics Portals).

When creating a complete solution for our clients we often include additional third-party add-ons, that provide specific functionality, such as:

- Digital Marketing Automation

- Advanced document generation - allowing you to create all sorts of documents (Word, PDF, etc) pulling in your Dynamics data

- eSignature integration, such as DocuSign.

- Finance integration, such as Xero

For those clients that need more advanced `customizations` or integrations with external systems, we program custom tools & integrations, such as:

- Website integrations - automatically bringing webform submissions and website orders directly into your Dynamics 365 system

- Integrations with cloud services, such as information or data services, and local or remote databases.

- Import tools - for regular or ad-hoc import of data from various sources, such as files exported from other systems, or sent to you by partners or customers.

- Scheduled automated export tools - to extract data from Dynamics 365 and upload/submit it to partners, regulatory authorities, etc.

If you face challenges pinpointing what it is that you need, come talk to us and we will figure it out together!

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