Stand Number: 1458

Laser Focus Limited

We are consultant data engineers and data scientists who specialise in helping small to medium sized organisations to harness their data, either in order to solve specific problems, or to transform the organisation into one that's data-driven.

Our ideal clients will have some organisational data, and will be curious as to how they can use that data to improve their business. This may mean, for example, increasing revenues, reducing costs, or improving operational efficiencies. It may simply mean making better decisions, in general.

We improve the client's business by helping them to
1) understand their data
2) define a strategy for how they can harness their data
3) collect more and better data
4) organise their data so that it is ready to be analysed
5) create coherent and intuitive visualisations over their data
6) perform analyses

By the end of the process, our clients will feel in control of their data, and much more in control of their entire business. They will be ready to perform analyses which will make them money and cut costs. They will be more confident, less stressed and at the head of a more efficient and profitable organisation.

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