Stand Number: 702

Google Digital Garage

Started in 2015, Google Digital Garage is a programme that provides free training and tools to help grow your career or business in the UK.

Since 2015, the Google Digital Garage has visited more than 500 locations across the UK, and trained more than 400,000 people.

Who is the Google Digital Garage for?
It`s for anyone who wants to learn new skills to improve their career, grow a business, or boost their self-confidence. There are no age or ability restrictions, and you don`t even need a specific end goal in mind. If you`re keen to come and learn, we`re keen to meet you.

What can I learn at the Google Digital Garage?
Our courses offer more than 40 hours of learning for small business owners, job seekers, or people who just want to develop some new skills. From building a digital marketing plan, to improving your CV, or becoming a better public speaker, we`ll help you achieve your goals - for free.

Why has Google set up the Digital Garage?
We believe that nobody should be held back in life because they don`t have the digital skills they need. By offering free courses for everyone, we`re doing our bit to make sure people can reach their potential and do the things they want to do.